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Amazing, amazing, amazing! I can't believe I lived this long without this product. the amount of hair it pulls out is mind boggling.

John S.

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Discover the Ultimate Pet Hair and Lint Remover

Lint and pet hair make even the cleanest clothes and upholstery look dirty. You can keep your style and your spaces looking more pristine with the help of a one-of-a-kind pet hair and lint remover! Meet Uproot Clean, our collection of the best portable lint removers and lint brushes designed to give new life to your home and your clothing. 

It’s time to say goodbye to double-sided tape and endless refills for your lint roller! With Uproot Clean, it’s easy to rejuvenate all of your fabrics, like those on your carpets and furniture. You can even use these lint cleaners and pet hair removers on your favorite bags and travel accessories. Our lint removers come in different sizes for every function. Easy to use and simple to clean, everything at Uproot Clean is also eco-friendly and reusable. 

We’re on a mission to make your favorite things look better. If your clothes constantly have fuzz or cat hair, a mini clothes fuzz shaver is compact and convenient enough to travel with you. Swipe it over your outfit before you head out the door. If you notice fluff when you arrive at your destination, you can use your Uproot Cleaner Mini™ as a garment brush to freshen up your look. 

Choose the Uproot Cleaner Pro™ as one of your cleaning tools for your bedding or accent rugs. It makes for an effective dog hair remover and defuzzer for chairs and sofas. You’ll make it a breeze to remove lint from everything from winter coats to car seats. Extend the life of your favorite products and enhance their durability. 

 For 2X the cleaning power, try the Uproot Cleaner Max™ with a larger surface area than the other fabric shavers and cleaning brushes in our arsenal. It’s a reusable cat hair remover and furniture cleaner with an added boost. A bigger lint remover brush means you can swipe away fuzz and debris in less time. 

If you want all of your fabrics to be clean and fresh, shop for the Uproot Cleaner™ bundle. Get all three sizes of our Uproot Clean products for one low price. There are so many ways to find the cleaning brush or fabric shaver that is right for you. Whether you’re looking for a fabric shaver lint remover or something to tackle your home decor, we have the brush for you. 

We’re unique to the other pet hair and lint removers in that we are all about quality and customer service. With a 60-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, you can have the confidence that your Uproot Clean lint brush will last longer than the other pet hair removers and fabric shavers that you’ve used in the past. We’ll also ensure that you know how to use it and love your experience. 

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