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  • pug with bubbles on head

    The Uproot Guide: How to Give a Dog a Proper Bath

    Some dogs enjoy frolicking in mud puddles as their definition of getting a bath, while others prefer a more dignified approach to cleanliness. No matter what your pup prefers, a spa day for you and your dog can be a bonding experience filled with smiles and suds.
  • uproot pet grooming kit

    The Ultimate Dog Grooming Style Guide

    You’re walking your dog down the street like you do every morning when, all of a sudden, you find yourself marveling at the perfectly coiffed fur of a pampered pooch. You may be wondering how dogs manage to look so effortlessly stylish. Not sure if you have the time or energy to elevate your dog’s aesthetic?
  • cat in a blanket

    Why Do Cats Knead on Blankets? Everything You Should Know

    One of the most endearing yet mysterious habits our beloved cats indulge in is kneading on blankets. You’re probably familiar with the adorable sight of your cat rhythmically pressing their paws into a soft blanket while creating a comforting symphony of repeated purrs. It’s a charming display for cat contentment, but you may still be wondering why they do that and what it means. Grab a cup of tea and settle into your favorite cozy spot with your cat while you gently brush their fur with a pet grooming kit. If you’re not sure why your kitty likes to knead their paws on a blanket, here’s everything you need to know.
  • Uproot Care 101: How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

    Uproot Care 101: How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

    When we welcome a new bundle of joy like a furry friend into our home, we’re welcoming an atmosphere filled with curiosity, playfulness and overall cuteness. Yet as much as we cherish the silly antics of our cats, it’s important to create a safe haven for these tiny explorers. The art of kitten-proofing is a practice designed to safeguard your home and ensure harmonious living for you and your cat. Whether you’re a seasoned kitty veteran or a brand-new cat parent, you’ll love our tips on how to kitten-proof your home in no time.
  • Uproot Pet Hair Reducing Dryer Sheets

    How to Ensure Your Cleaning Products Are Pet-Safe

    Every pet parent wants to make sure their homes are safe for their pets. After all, our furry companions bring unconditional love and immeasurable joy into our lives. Amidst playtime and tons of cuddles, it’s important to keep a living space that’s clean and pet-safe. Sometimes, that means the sanitizers, detergents and disinfectants we have at home don’t align with our pets’ well-being. Not all cleaning products we have at home are safe for pets, so if you’re not sure, check out our guide on how to make sure your household cleaners are pet-safe.
  • woman with laundry basket spring cleaning

    4 Best Cleaning Tips for Starting Fresh in the New Year

    Out with the old and in with the new isn’t just for our own stuff. If you’re looking to start fresh in the new year, consider cleaning tips that also involve your pet’s things and their personal space. Playful pups and curious cats at home may make us feel like maintaining a pristine living environment is out of the question. Between the chaos of muddy paw prints and shedding fur, we have tips on how to choose the right cleaning products and create a pet-friendly cleaning routine with the Uproot Cleaner Pro™ that works for you. Here are four of the best cleaning tips to start fresh in the new year for you and your pet.
  • cat with uproot hair removers

    Uproot Care 101: How to Get Mats Out of Cat Fur

    Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet, where we celebrate the everyday joys and challenges of living with our whiskered companions. As a cat parent, you’re well aware that this is their world, and we’re all just living in it. They may be in charge, but they still need our help with grooming. It’s time for us to tackle a hairy situation that every cat lover can relate to: those pesky mats that appear in our precious cats’ fur seemingly out of nowhere! 
  • orange cat lying on carpet

    How to Keep Cats from Scratching the Carpet

    If you’ve ever found yourself tiptoeing through your own home, dodging the claw-some power of your furball, you’re not alone. We know how it is. Cats and carpets are a love-hate relationship. If you’re looking to avoid a cat-tastrophe on your carpet, we’ve got paw-sitively good news for you! It comes in the form of a pet grooming kit and helpful tips on keeping your carpet cat-friendly.
  • uproot cleaner deshedder

    The Uproot Guide to Caring for Long-Haired Dogs

    When it comes to our canine companions, our long-haired friends are the epitome of elegance. Whether you have an endearing Shih Tzu or a regal Afghan Hound, your furry beauty is renowned all over the world for their breathtaking coats. Their fur looks and feels like cascading silk and satin. Yet with all that great fluff comes great responsibility, and grooming your long-haired dog is an art that every pet parent needs to master.

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