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How to Clean Carpet on Stairs the Easy Way

You use your stairs at home every day. Sometimes, you get busy and forget to clean them, or you’re not quite sure how to clean them properly. No one wants to carry a big vacuum cleaner just to clean their stair carpet, so here are our best tips on how to clean your stair carpet the easy way.
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The Ultimate Guide: How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

You love to take your furry friend for a drive out on the open road, and according to the American Automobile Association, so do 80 percent of dog owners. You and your pup go to the grocery store, to the dog park and everywhere in between. Even if the actual journey in the car only takes 10 minutes, somehow their hair just gets everywhere within that short timeframe. If you’re looking for easy and practical ways to get dog hair out of the seats and carpet in your vehicle, read on to learn how.
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How to Keep Your House Clean and Tidy

In between our jobs, family and social obligations — and doing anything else besides cleaning — keeping your house clean and tidy may feel like the last thing on your mind after a long day. The good news is that there are so many easy ways to keep your home neat with everything else you have going on.
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Where Does Lint Come From? Everything You Need to Know

Like many of us, you know that you get lint on your clothes. You know that you have to clean the lint out of the dryer every time you use it. You may know that you should use a lint cleaner to get rid of that excess lint from your clothes, but you may not know where it comes from. Here’s everything you need to know about lint.

Your Helpful Guide: How to Clean a Couch

Let’s face it: sofas can get dirty. This is especially true if, like most people, your sofa serves as the hub of the house and the hangout for everything from watching movies to crafting and eating dinner. If you’ve got furry family members, the mess goes even deeper. The dirt, mud and fur they shed leave behind odors and even bacteria. 
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How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Your House

Got pet hair everywhere? You’re not alone. Despite the hype surrounding the many endlessly popular — and endlessly adorable — hypoallergenic dog breeds, there’s actually no such thing as a breed that doesn’t shed at all. That means that if you’re one of the 38.4 percent of households that owns a dog, you’ve probably got fur to manage.
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A Helpful Guide: How to Remove Lint from Clothes

You probably don’t need scientific studies to reinforce your hunch that clothes influence the way others view you. But in case you’re skeptical, research shows that your appearance — including the cleanliness of your clothes — affects perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness and intelligence. More importantly though, clean clothes affect the way you feel about yourself, giving you an added boost of confidence and even higher rates of productivity.