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What Dogs Shed the Most? 6 Cleaning Tips for High-Shed Dogs

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High-shed dogs are beautiful and majestic breeds, but boy, you can probably make a sweater, a rug, and probably a sizable blanket out of all the dog hair that falls off them. Have you ever wondered if your sweet pup is one of the top shedding breeds out there? Even if they aren’t, you could always use more tips on how to deal with a dog that sheds, especially when you feel like they’re shedding more than most dogs. Use our list of six cleaning tips on how to help prevent excessive shedding and clean up after your pup.

1. High-Shedding Dog Breeds — According to Canine Weekly, some of the breeds that shed the most include Labrador retrievers, German shepherds and the Bernese mountain dog. When you’re cleaning your home with a high-shedding dog, here are some of the best things you can do. Basic and routine grooming is essential. You’ll also want to feed them a high-quality diet and get a specialty pet hair vacuum. When in doubt, be sure to ask your vet for advice because they’re experts on different dog breeds and can help determine if your dog’s amount of shedding is routine or the sign that they’re actually shedding too much. Let’s dive into these essential pieces of advice a little deeper.

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2. Feed Your Dog a High-Quality Diet — Help your dog maintain a shiny and healthy coat by feeding them a meat-rich diet. It’ll also help prevent dry skin, which will help make your dog’s coat shinier. They’ll itch less, therefore leading to less shedding and less of a need for you to vacuum or brush your dog’s hair constantly.


3. Get a Pet Hair Vacuum — Not all vacuums are designed to suck up pet hair. Use a specialty vacuum that’s designed to help remove pet hair from carpets. They may also come with specialty extension tools that go over your furniture and other nooks and crannies to remove pet hair from tough spots at home.

4. Regularly Groom Your Dog — If you’re going to groom your dog, take care of your dog’s fur with the best pet hair remover tool. We recommend the Uproot Cleaner Pro. It’s the ultimate tool you can use to brush your dog’s hair to help groom them and remove any excess fur from their coat. On top of that, you can use that same tool to remove pet hair from bedding, furniture and any other non-knit surface at home. Use it on your jeans or your t-shirt when there’s dog hair all over it.

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5. Give Your Dog a Bath — Make sure you’re also regularly bathing your dog. It doesn’t have to be every day, and it’s not actually recommended to bathe your dog daily since their hair will become too dry and lose its luster. You can give your dog a bath once a week, every other week or a few times to month, depending on their breed or what their veterinarian recommends. You can also ask for advice from a professional groomer or have them bathe your dog. Before you bathe your dog, you should also be sure to brush their hair with a dog hair remover brush. That way, not that much hair will be falling off their coat when you’re trying to bathe them and getting all tangled.

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6. Ask Your Veterinarian for Advice — When in doubt, if you feel like your dog is simply shedding all the time and it looks like way too much dog fur for just one dog, ask your veterinarian for advice. They might ask you to change your pet’s diet or give them supplements to assist with a healthy amount of shedding.

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No matter what kind of pup you have, you can use any of these tips to help keep your home clean. Of all the tips — from vacuuming to bathing your dog — one of the easiest yet most effective ways to keep your home clean is to groom your dog. Make the most of your time by doing it with the Uproot Cleaner Pro. With this tool, you can groom your dog and remove pet hair from your clothing and furniture. Now, you can get back to enjoying all the fun things with your furry partner in crime.