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How to Ensure Your Cleaning Products Are Pet-Safe

Every pet parent wants to make sure their homes are safe for their pets. After all, our furry companions bring unconditional love and immeasurable joy into our lives. Amidst playtime and tons of cuddles, it’s important to keep a living space that’s clean and pet-safe. Sometimes, that means the sanitizers, detergents and disinfectants we have at home don’t align with our pets’ well-being. Not all cleaning products we have at home are safe for pets, so if you’re not sure, check out our guide on how to make sure your household cleaners are pet-safe.

1. Choose Pet-Friendly Brands — Did you know Uproot Clean also offers pet-friendly dryer sheets? Our dryer sheets for pet hair remove dog and cat hair from clothing and keep them smelling fresh. If you’re looking for other pet-friendly cleaning brands to have in your home, choose reputable brands that are dedicated to your pet’s well-being. Labels should state that the products are “animal-friendly” or “pet-safe” since these brands often prioritize formulas without all of those harmful chemicals. Many brands also have certifications from organizations for promoting pet-safe practices. Do your research and find reviews and testimonials from other customers about their experiences with specific brands. As pet-friendly as our dryer sheets are, make sure you store them up and away from your pets so they don’t accidentally nibble on those dryer sheets!

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2. Try DIY Cleaning Solutions — According to Furchild Pet Nutrition, you can absolutely make your own pet-safe DIY homemade cleaners that don’t contain any hazardous ingredients like ammonia, bleach or isopropyl alcohol. Try mixing equal parts water and white vinegar as a simple, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner that effectively tackles multiple surfaces without harming your pets. Baking soda has mild abrasive properties that work wonders on odors and stubborn stains. Repel household pests with citrus-infused solutions like lemon peels in water to add a refreshing scent while keeping unwanted bugs at bay. Homemade alternatives ensure a spotless home while eliminating the risk of exposing your pets to harmful chemicals.

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3. Check Ingredient Labels — For a pet cleaning product that won’t have you worrying about whether it’s pet-safe or not, get the best pet hair remover. This grooming tool removes excess fur from not only your pet but your furniture, clothing, carpets and more. Other than that, you’ll want to make sure you check the ingredient labels on every cleaning product you use at home. Become a vigilant label-reader, steer clear of harmful substances and stick to formulas that have natural, non-toxic ingredients. It’s safer for you and your pet to make a habit of regularly checking ingredient labels.

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4. Test in Small Batches — The last thing you want once you have a new, supposedly pet-friendly product is to find out it’s not effective or that your pet is actually allergic to it. Before you use a cleaning product extensively, test it in a small area at home. That way, you can gauge any potential adverse reactions so you can ensure it doesn’t cause harm to you or your pets when used on a larger scale.

Uproot Pet Grooming Kit

Keeping any of these tips in mind is a reminder that keeping our homes clean doesn’t have to compromise the safety of our pets. Choosing pet-friendly cleaning products and practicing a mindful approach to cleanliness helps create a living space that’s harmonious and hygienic for us and our furry friends. Looking for another way to clean at home without the use of any detergents or sanitizers? Every pet parent needs the pet grooming kit. This 7-in-1 mess-free grooming kit for cats and dogs is perfect for removing excess pet hair before it gets all over your home. May you and your pet stay paw-sitively clean!