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How to Groom a Horse

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There are plenty of benefits that come with grooming your horse. In addition to helping your horse look and feel their best, according to Horse Illustrated, when you groom your horse, you’re helping increase blood flow to their muscles and skin. Grooming is a great way to bond with your horse, and they’ll love the feeling of you running a brush through their mane, tail and the rest of their coat. Whether you’re a new horse owner or a seasoned pro, anybody who grooms their horse on a regular basis can benefit from using any of these helpful horse grooming tips.

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Benefits of Grooming Your Horse

There are many benefits behind why you should frequently groom your horse. When horses are out in the wild with their herd, horses help groom each other naturally. However, you’ll need to replicate that for them once they live in a shed. Grooming helps improve your horse’s skin and coat health and decreases the likelihood of adverse skin issues.

How Often to Groom Your Horse

The rule of thumb for grooming your horse should be that you groom your horse at least once a week or before each ride. Grooming your horse on a weekly basis ensures that they’ll stay happy and healthy because you’ll be helping them get rid of any excess hair with something simple yet effective, like a portable pet hair remover. When you brush their hair and coat before you go out on a ride with them, your horse will be relaxed and comfortable enough before you start your ride together.

What to Include in Your Horse Grooming Kit

Put together a grooming kit for your horse if you don’t have one already. If you do have a grooming kit, keep this checklist handy so you can keep track of all the essential grooming items you need for your horse that you may need to update or replace every now and then. This includes curry combs and body brushes, but also sponges and hoof picks. Be sure to have the best pet hair remover so that you can curry your horse by loosening their hair, dirt and other debris, but you’ll also be removing excess hair and helping stimulate their skin for the healthy production of natural oils.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Grooming Your Horse

Once you have your horse grooming kit, it’s time to do these easy-to-follow steps for actual grooming. 

  • First, tie your horse to a post or beam to ensure that they won’t run away and stay in one spot. 
  • Then, you can clean your horse’s hoofs with the hoof pick. 
  • Then, start grooming your horse with a brush to remove any dirt and debris. Currying your horse will help loosen dirt in their coat. 
  • Comb through their mane and tail as well.

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How to Wash and Groom Your Horse Before a Show

If you’re getting your horse ready for a show, the washing and grooming routine is a bit more intensive. Give your horse a thorough scrub and shampoo to get their coat nice and shiny. In addition to brushing your horse, you’ll also want to style your horse’s mane and tail. Consider plaiting your horse’s mane and tail for the competition.

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Even if your horse isn’t going to a show or competition any time soon, it’s still important to get a regular grooming routine going with your horse. Once you get into the groove of grooming your horse on a daily basis, not only will you have a deeper bond with your horse, your horse will look and feel so much better. Use the Uproot Cleaner Pro™ to get your horse ready for any event — from your daily afternoon ride to your spring horse show.

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