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How to Get Pet Hair Off Your Couch

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Whether you live in a multi-pet household or any household with just one pet, it can feel like a constant struggle to remove fur from furniture. Maybe you’re dealing with stubborn upholstery. Sure, you can break out the pet hair roller brush or the vacuum, but there’s got to be an easier way, right? In addition to vacuuming, you’ll also want a handy pet hair remover tool to help remove stubborn pet hair. If you feel like your pet’s hair is all over your couch, your furniture and the rest of your home, here are a few quick and easy ways to get pet hair off your couch.

  • Start by Getting Rid of Excess Pet Hair — Before you start vacuuming your couch or spraying fabric freshener everywhere, you’re going to need to get rid of excess pet hair. The easiest way to begin removing fur from your couch is with a portable pet hair remover tool. Focus on areas where your pet tends to stay on the couch. From there, it’ll only take a few minutes to completely remove pet hair from your couch with these next steps.
  • Use a Vacuum with an Upholstery Attachment — After removing the pet hair from your couch with the pet hair remover tool, grab your vacuum. Put on the upholstery attachment that’s specifically designed to clean up dirt, debris and, of course, pet hair from your couch’s upholstery. The upholstery attachment can help loosen up hair and dirt. Make sure you also vacuum around and under the pillows.
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  • Use a Pet Hair Removal Tool in Stubborn Areas — If your pet is on the larger side, get a large pet hair remover tool to help remove fur from stubborn areas on your couch. Even if you have a small cat or dog, a larger tool can help remove pet hair more efficiently.
Get a Large Pet Hair Remover
  • Vacuum Once Again — Break out the vacuum once again. Even after using the pet hair remover tool and vacuum the first time, you’re going to want to vacuum again.
  • Spray Your Couch with Fabric Freshener — This step is optional, but if you want your couch to have an extra fresh scent, just spray your couch with a fabric freshener. Fabric freshener can help eliminate lingering odors. Your couch will smell like brand new, especially after you’ve given it a thorough vacuum and cleaned up the pet hair with the remover tool.
  • Don’t Forget the Floor and Your Clothes — Now that you’ve cleaned your couch, chances are that there’s still dog or cat fur all over the floor and your clothes. With the best pet hair remover tool, you can remove the remaining pet hair from the floor and your clothes, too. While you’re at it, why not give your pet a nice brush with that tool? They’ll love the feeling of being combed by that brush.

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  • Control Shedding with Regular Brushing — According to Brookfield Animal Hospital, as long as your pet has hair, they’re going to shed. While you can’t stop shedding completely, you can control your pet’s shedding with routine brushing. Grooming your pet with a brush can help remove dead hair, stimulate their skin cells and help them grow new and healthy hair. That means less couch cleaning for you.
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