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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Carpet for Pets

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Carpet for Pets

There are so many joys and challenges to being a pet parent, and as you navigate the ups for cuddles and walks with your dog and the downs of having to clean up yet another mysterious stain on the living room carpet, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out. Whether you have an active furry dog that likes to run around your home and get mud all over the house or a relaxed housecat that likes to claw their way through your floors, finding the right kind of carpet is key to maintaining a pet-friendly and comfortable home environment. Grab your pet hair removal tool and keep reading to learn practical tips and expert advice on choosing the best carpet for pets.

Why Is It Important to Get a Pet-Friendly Carpet?

Just like you’d expect a toddler to get cereal crumbs all over your kitchen, you can expect that pets will have accidents from time to time. That means they’ll dig their claws into your carpet and get their fur all over them. Getting a pet-friendly carpet will help withstand these often anticipated and sometimes unexpected incidents. Pet-friendly carpets offer more comfort for your pets and are typically designed with stain-resistant properties to make them easier to maintain. Remember that an ounce of prevention can make all the difference between a clean carpet just for today and one that can be maintained for years to come. To help your carpet stay in tip-top shape, get any of our Uproot Clean tools, like the Uproot Cleaner Pro™, and discover the perfect pet hair removal tool for your carpet and pets.

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What Should I Look for When Getting a Pet-Friendly Carpet?

There are several things to consider when you’re selecting a pet-friendly carpet. You’ll want a carpet that’s durable and can withstand all the wear and tear that comes with being a pet parent. You’ll want to also consider carpets that are more stain-resistant because even with the best house-trained pets, accidents are bound to happen from time to time. That being said, you’ll also want a carpet that’s easy to clean and maintain over time, such as carpets that are easy to vacuum. Most of all, you’ll want a carpet that’s actually comfortable to step on for you and rest on for your furry friend. A cozy and inviting carpet will offer that sense of peace and comfort for your pet.

1. Durability

Selecting a carpet that’s durable is paramount for homes with pets. Cats and dogs are active pets that often engage in rough play with each other or tend to scratch furniture and carpets. A durable carpet needs to be able to withstand their paws and claws, along with them running all over the carpet. A durable carpet will allow your pet to move around and play on the carpet as a stable and comfortable surface, preventing any potential injuries compared to less stable or sturdy flooring.

2. Stain Resistance

Because accidents are inevitable, especially as pets age or get sick from time to time, you’ll want a carpet that is designed to resist liquid spills and stains. Whether it’s water from their spilled water bowl or they get excited when the doorbell rings and decide to “express” themselves on the carpet, a stain-resistant carpet is much easier to clean. It’ll be easier to prevent permanent odors and discoloration.

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3. Ease of Cleaning

Having a pet at home means you’ll have the joy of a lot of love in your home. You’ll also have to deal with a lot of dirt, fur shedding and the occasional accident, which means that you’ll want a carpet that can save you time and effort to maintain. A carpet that is stain-resistant and easy to clean will make occasional spot cleaning and steam cleaning more effective.

4. Comfort

A comfortable carpet can enhance the overall appearance and well-being of your home for you and your furry companion. Pets love to relax on soft surfaces, so giving your pet a comfortable carpet allows them their own space to relax. As pets age, a cushioned carpet, according to Zoetis Petcare, could also offer support for their arthritic joints, reducing the impact on their paws, too.

Different Types of Pet-Friendly Carpets

Different Types of Pet-Friendly Carpets

Now that you know different things you should look out for when choosing pet-friendly carpets, let’s take a look at some different types of pet-friendly carpets. These include wool, olefin, polyester and nylon carpets. We’ll also look into the pros and cons of each of these carpets to help you decide what works best for your home and your budget.

1. Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are made from a natural and eco-friendly material. They’re a great choice for pet parents who are looking for a carpet that’s naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean. For those chilly seasons, you and your pet will love the excellent insulation and warmth you get when lying down or putting your feet and their paws on a wool carpet. However, wool carpets are often more expensive compared to synthetic options and aren’t as stain-resistant compared to synthetic carpets.

2. Olefin Carpets

According to Carpet Depot, an olefin carpet, also known as polypropylene, is a synthetic carpet that is frequently used for outdoor rugs. They’re ideal for pet parents who are looking for a water- and stain-resistant option since it doesn’t absorb liquids, and they are ideal for basements and outdoor areas. However, there are some downsides to an olefin carpet, such as maintenance. Oils from food or the bottom of your feet can become trapped in the fiber, so after a while, the carpet isn’t durable enough to withstand long-term in a high-traffic area.

3. Polyester Carpets

If you’re tight on money or sticking to a budget, polyester carpets are a budget-friendly and affordable option for most pet parents. They offer a soft and luxurious texture and are also highly stain-resistant. Polyester carpets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and have excellent color retention. The downside of polyester carpets? They’re more prone to matting and crushing and aren’t considered as resilient as nylon or wool.

4. Nylon Carpets

Nylon is a more expensive option compared to other synthetic fibers, but it’s still relatively less expensive compared to wool or other “natural” carpet fibers. Nylon carpets offer superior durability and resistance and are an excellent option for homes that expect a decent amount of wear and tear. They’re easy to clean and maintain. Keep in mind that nylon carpets can absorb odors if they’re not properly cleaned and do need regular vacuuming to maintain appearance.

How to Pet-Proof Your Carpet

How to Pet-Proof Your Carpet

So, you’ve figured out what to look for in a carpet and maybe have an idea of what carpet you should get at home. Next, we’ll look at how to pet-proof your carpet to help you maintain the life of your carpet. Regular wear and tear are expected, even if you don't have pets, but pet-proofing your carpet will help you preserve the appearance of the carpet for years to come. Minimizing carpet damage can extend the carpet’s lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the carpet too early and too often.

1. Tips to Minimize Carpet Damage

To minimize carpet damage, place protective mats or rugs in high-traffic areas to catch dirt before it even reaches the carpet. If your pet has an accident, attempt to clean up the mess before it accidentally stains the carpet and any odors set in. Cats and dogs love scratching furniture and carpets, so provide them with toys and scratching posts to help direct their playtime scratching to the toys and not your carpet or furniture.

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2. Adding Protective Measures

When we think about protective measures, we often think about what we can do to protect the carpet after a stain or accident has already happened. A protective measure, in addition to adding carpet protectors or mats for any high-traffic areas, can be as simple as a preventative measure. These preventative measures can include trimming your pet’s nails regularly to reduce the risk of scratching and snagging on the carpet. It could also be regularly grooming your pet to minimize shedding on the carpet. If you’re not already actively grooming your pet, get a deshedder to help brush excess pet hair off your dog or cat. Our deshedding tool is specially designed for medium- to long-haired pets, including bunnies and horses!

3. Training Your Pet

There are several ways to train your pet to keep their claws and accidents off the carpet through positive reinforcement and appropriate alternatives. For cats, make sure their litter box is located in an easily accessible area. Whenever your pet uses the scratching post or litter box instead of clawing through the carpet, reward them with treats, praise or cuddles. For dogs, ensure they have a consistent routine for taking their potty breaks outside and not on the carpet.

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Choosing a Pet-Friendly Carpet for a Multi-Pet Household

Keeping a home clean when you have one pet is already a challenge. Having multiple pets running around can feel straight up overwhelming, making getting a pet-friendly carpet even more imperative. A pet-friendly carpet will be able to withstand the wear and tear of multiple pets playing and running around. The enhanced durability and stain resistance of these carpets will make it easier to clean up accidents. Not to mention, pet-friendly carpets are typically more comfortable for pets to relax and play on.

1. Tips for Dealing with Multiple Pets

You’ll want to establish a regular grooming routine for all of your pets to help minimize shedding. Vacuum the carpet frequently, particularly with a vacuum that’s specially designed to remove pet hair. Place door mats or rugs in entryways to trap dirt before it reaches your carpet. Before your pets come inside, wipe their paws with a damp cloth. Keep pet-friendly carpet sprays to help clean up messes and accidents on the carpet when they do happen from time to time.

2. Strategies for Odor Control

When you have several pets roaming around your home, that means you’ll need to work a little bit smarter and harder at finding ways to keep pet odor in check. You’ll need to implement a regular cleaning schedule that includes washing bedding, proper litter box maintenance if you have a cat and occasionally hiring a professional carpet cleaner for those deep-seated odors. Include odor-absorbing products throughout your home, like activated charcoal or sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before you vacuum. As a preventative measure, regularly groom all of your pets with a quick and easy-to-use grooming tool like our Uproot Cleaner Pro™. 

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3. Getting a Noise-Reducing Carpet

Having multiple pets at home means that there’s always one of them barking, meowing, running around or scratching something. With a noise-reducing carpet that has dense fibers and cushioning, it can help reduce the sound of your pet playing as they do. According to Sonya Winner Design, thicker rugs made from wool or other rugs with a thicker pile can help absorb sound much better compared to their thinner counterparts. A quieter home or at least a living room space can create a calmer environment for you and your pets. It’ll reduce stress and anxiety for you and your pets. 

We hope this comprehensive guide has given you the confidence and insight to pick the best carpet for your furry pals. Keep in mind that you’ll want a carpet that’s durable enough to withstand your pet being, well, a pet, and still comfy enough that both you and Fido can enjoy cuddling on from time to time. Remember that to help extend the life of your carpet, you should routinely groom your pet and remove pet hair from the carpet with our best pet hair remover. This multi-use tool is perfect for removing excess pet hair from your pet while also being able to remove pet hair and other debris from any non-knit surface at home, like furniture, clothing and, most importantly, that carpet of yours. Happy carpet shopping!


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