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The Only Pet Hair Remover That Uses Uproot Technology* To Get Hair OFF EVERYTHING. Guaranteed.

"This has to be the BEST pet hair remover I've ever tried. Got out stuff that even my $800 Dyson Missed. 10/10 - must have if you own pets"

- Nicole T.

20,000+ 5 Star Reviews

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Uproot Clean Pro™ is multi-purpose and safely works on ANY non-knitted fabric. Even your pets!

So if you’re tired of other cleaning products that leave you and your carpets, rugs and other fabrics COVERED in hair… no matter how much you use it?

You NEED to try The Uproot Clean Pro™ today.

Uproot Clean Pro ™ Is More Effective Than Your Lint Roller, Vacuum
Or ANY Other Pet Hair Brush… PERIOD.

Uproot Clean Pro ™ Is More Effective Than Your Lint Roller, Vacuum Or ANY Other Pet Hair Brush… PERIOD.

Try Uproot Clean Pro ™ Risk Free

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How It Works

Other pet hair brushes have flexible bristles or wires that simply aren’t strong enough to grab pet hair off your fabrics.

But the patent pending Uproot technology, uses a strong metal edge with hooks that can gently grab ALL the hair without damaging the material!

The Uproot metal edge NEVER bends or breaks but is strong enough to grab hair off clothing,
 carpets, rugs, car seats, pet towers and any other non knit fabric that holds pet hair… Without damaging anything.

It’s even gentle enough to use on your pet!

Just hold it at a 90 degree angle for delicate fabrics like clothing, bedding, furniture, upholstery…

For hard fabrics like carpets, rugs, car mats and pet towers simply hold it at a 45 degree angle…

Sweep, and pull from left to right or top to bottom… and you’re done!

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Try The Uproot Clean Pro ™ for a low intro price!

Uproot Clean Pro ™ Is More Effective Than Your Lint Roller, Vacuum Or ANY Other Pet Hair Brush… PERIOD.

Try Uproot Clean Pro ™ Risk Free

Save 60%

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Why Is Uproot Better Than Your Vacuum?

Ever vacuumed your carpets and felt like they were STILL dirty?

Even the BEST most expensive vacuums can’t grab entangled hair from carpets, furniture or cars…

That’s because hair (and especially pet hair) is lighter and finer than debris and dirt that vacuums are designed to pick up.

So when you use your vacuum the hairs either get tangled around the bristles on the bottom. Or trapped inside the hose where it can clog and damage the vacuum by causing it to overheat.

This STOPS the brush from rolling effectively over hard floors or carpets. And prevents the hose from generating enough suction to pull the hair out of the fabric.

Meaning your vacuum picks up LESS hair and stops working properly over time.

Leaving hair trapped in the fabric so it still looks and feels dirty. No matter how many times you try to vacuum. Which as you probably know, is incredibly frustrating!

The Uproot Clean Pro™ is the only pet hair remover that gently grabs ALL the hair trapped in your carpet (without damaging anything). Leaving it looking clean and NEW!



Try Uproot Clean Pro ™ Risk Free

Save 60%

Lint Rollers Don’t Stand a Chance…

The adhesive used in traditional lint rollers is wasteful, bad for the environment and simply NOT strong enough to grab ALL the pet hair off your clothing. Let alone other surfaces like furniture, car seats, carpets, pet beds or harnesses. Think of the lint roller like trying to mow a lawn with a butter knife… NOT effective or efficient.

Meanwhile The Uproot Clean Pro™ gently pulls ALL the hair off your clothes, furniture and non knit fabrics!





What Other Pet Hair Removers Get WRONG

The patent pending Uproot technology is firm but gentle so it’s strong enough to grab even the most stubborn, hard to reach hair without damaging your non knit fabrics.

Other hair removers simply can’t do that because the bristles bend as soon as they’re pressed against the surface, so there’s no way it can grab hair let alone remove it.

It’s Even Gentle Enough To Use On Pets!

Even though the Uproot technology is strong enough to grab the most stubborn hair imaginable, it’s still gentle enough to use on your furry friends.

Just pull it out whenever they’re looking extra shaggy!

Pet Owners LOVE Uproot Clean

16,626 Reviews

I have four purr-babies, and the fur gets overwhelming. Nothing has ever come close to extracting it like the Uproot Clean! It truly is fun and satisfying to use. And the fun, lighthearted tone of your emails makes my day!

Marcia M.

Verified Customer

I've tried everything to get the fur out of my cat condo. Nothing worked. Then I decided to try Uproot Clean. Wow! What a miracle! Here is a photo, and I'm still working on the condo!!! Thank you for a great product.

Elizabeth O.

Verified Customer

When I watched the demos on Facebook, I wondered if it would work with hair from my short-haired dog. I decided to take a chance and was amazed at what it picks up! Nothing else has done such a great job.

Sheryl H.

Verified Customer

Try Uproot Clean Pro ™
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